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I am currently a professor of management in the College of business at the University of South Florida.  In recent years, I have received a couple of honors that I am proud of.  I was named a distinguished university professor about three years ago.  Also, I was named a distinguished educator by the Academy of Management.  A couple of years earlier, the book entitled "Handbook of Organization Studies" received the George Terry award from the Academy of Management as the most important book of the year.
Currently my wife and I are in the final stages of a multi-year project which will be a book on the philosophy of social science in Organization studies.  It will be published by Earlbaum within the next year or so.
You asked for reflections on experiences at Greeley.  Over time, I have begun to realize how extremely fortunate I was to be a member of the class of 1957.  My classmates were always highly supportive of me and in retrospect I realize that my psychological makeup was significantly improved by that experience.  This is a good chance to thank everyone for that. Walt

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Dr. Nord received a B.A. in Economics from Williams College, an M.S. in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. from Washington University in Social Psychology. His primary area of interest is organizational theory in a political economic context. He is internationally esteemed as an editor of professional scholarship. He received the George Terry Award in 1997 from the Academy of Management for his co-editing of Handbook of Organization Studies. The Terry Award is bestowed annually to the book judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of management knowledge worldwide and published during the last two years.

Teaching Style:
Dr. Nord believes in helping students develop a deep understanding of organizations and the role they play in the modern world. He tries to encourage free flowing class discussion and the exchange of viewpoints, critical thinking and appreciation of recent developments in social science to managing organizations.

Recent and Current Projects:
Dr. Nord's major current research is focused in two areas. The longest standing theme centers on the integration of a political economy and organizational analysis. He has published several papers from this work and has a number of working papers on elements of this perspective. He is currently preparing a book for Earlbaum Publishing that offers a new philosophical framework for organization studies. The perspective called "agnostic" seeks to overcome current polarizing debates by developing an improved philosophical perspective for organization studies.

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Implementing Routine and Radical Innovations, Managing Organizations: Current Issues, Managerial Reality: Balancing Technique, Practice , and Values, Organizational Reality: Reports from the Firing Lane, HRM Reality, Resistance and Power in Organizations, Managerial and Organizational Reality

1997 recap - wife Ann, no children.  enjoys betting on horses and dogs and has owned several race horses.


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